How To Plant A Pineapple At Home

Pineapple (Ananas comosus) belongs to the family Bromeliaceae. It is named after its resemblance to the pine cone, it is a tropical plant with edible core that consist of merging the berries and it is the most economic important plant in its family.Despite the many diets that are based just on eating the pineapple at every meal, this fruit should be eaten because of its medicinal properties. Pineapples, despite of accelerating the metabolism and the fact that it helps to get rid of excess weight in a short time, it contains powerful anti-cancer ingredient.

How To Plant A Pineapple At Home

How to plant a pineapple:
1. The first thing you have to do is to pick out a fresh pineapple. You have to choose a pineapple with green leaves and that has not turned its color into yellow or brown.
2. The pineapple has not to be too mature, so that it can produce another pineapple.
3. It should not have insects around the base of the leaves.
4. The most important step is to cut off the foliage up top, and at the same time leaving a little of the pineapple attached.
5. Take off some of the lower leaves, in order to help the stem to germinate roots when it is planted.
6. Leave it to dry for a week, but it has to be turned upside down. In this way the leaves will harden.

Brewing the pineapple crown:
1. Fill a large glass with water. It has to be large enough, so that the pineapple crow will have enough place.
2. Place a few toothpicks near the top of the steam. They are placed in order to suspend the pineapple top in the glass of water.
3. Put the crown in the water.
4. The glass of water should be placed in a sunny window.
5. The plant should be kept away from extreme temperatures.
6. You have to change out its water every few days.

Planting the pineapple:
1. You will need a pot of soil. Prepare it for the crown.
2. You have to fill 6 inch pot with light garden soil.
3. Plant the pineapple crown. You can plant it when its roots are few inches long. They have to be long enough, so to take root in the soil.
4. You must keep the plant moist and warm. It requires sunny, and humid environment. The temperatures at night should not drop below 18ºC.
5. It is very important for the plant to receive a lot of sun during the year.
6. Give it food and water. Once a week you have to water the plant. During the summer fertilize the plant, with half-strength fertilizer.
7. It will take years for a red cone to appear from the center of the leaves. It has to be followed by blue flowers and maybe a fruit. The pineapple will grow from the flower.

When to harvest:
1. The pineapple should not be harvested until its peel turns from green to yellow.
2. You have to check for ripeness by smelling the pineapple.
3. You have to check with your finger whether the pineapple sounds solid.

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