How to Prevent a Blood Clot Naturally?

We made many researches and analyzes to better understand the nature of this disease and how to prevent. Some studies are still problematic and insufficiently substantiated, especially when it comes to natural ways of prevention.

How to Prevent a Blood Clot Naturally

Consumption of vitamin E

For: regular consumption of certain doses of vitamin E may reduce the risk of blood clots in women, announced US researchers.

They, however, note that further researches are needed to confirm the role of vitamin D in the prevention of creating a blood clot or venous thromboembolism, life-threatening, and recommend patients do not stop use of prescribed anticoagulants.

Results of the survey showed that women using vitamin E have 21% less likely to get blood clots.

-This is an exciting and interesting finding, but I think it still is not evidence – said Dr. Robert Glynn of Harvard Medical School.

CONS: The American Heart Association generally does not recommend antioxidant vitamins such as vitamin E for prevention of cardiovascular diseases or medical conditions involving blood clots.


Smokers have a doubled risk of blood clots. Severe disease of the arteries in the legs, Berger disease, which often inevitably leads to gangrene, binds exclusively to smoking.

Weight loss

Obesity is a risk factor for the occurrence of thrombosis. Women who have excess fat around the thighs have an increased risk of developing blood clot, the same as men with fat around the waist. Danish researchers conducted a 10-year study that involved nearly 60,000 men and women. The survey showed a clear link between the places of the body where fat has settled down and the risk of creating blood clots or deep vein thrombosis.

In an article published in the American professional medical journal Circulation: Journal of the American Heart Association, the researchers noted 641 cases of deep vein thrombosis in a population of 27 178 men and 29 876 women aged 50 to 64 years.

They found a link between deep vein thrombosis and weight, body mass index, the total amount of body fat, waist and hips volume. It was revealed that excess weight differently affect women and men.

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