How To Prevent And Remove Age Spots Naturally

As we get older we are affected with more and more health problems, but besides this we are also affected with some esthetic problems. The most common esthetic problems that affect many older people are age spots. After turning 40, this age spots can be noticed on the face and the hands, and less often on shoulders, neck and some other parts of the skin.


The following are some things that you can do for prevention:

Avoid exposing your skin on excessive sunlight. Sunbathing in the youth can affect negatively you skin when you get older. Sun is the main reason for blemishes therefore the usage of protective factor is obligatory every time you are exposed on the sun no matter which season of the year it is.

Use face masks and moisturize your skin every day.

Prevent dehydration of the skin by drinking big amounts of water every day.

Take antioxidants (beta- carotene- it helps against the sunlight effects on the skin) and vitamin C.

Source: healthyfoodadvice

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