How to Recognize A Heart Attack One Month Before It Happens!

Most of the people know that the symptoms of a heart attack can be detected before it occurs. One of the deadliest medical conditions is when the attack is sudden without warning. Only a few people know that even a month before the actual heart attack it is possible to detect this unpleasant event.

When the coronary artery has gradual buildup of plaque, heart attack occurs. In this situation we have blood supply loss or myocardial infarction. As a result of the lack of blood flow tissue dies and heart attack occurs. At that moment the person experiences crushing pressure and excruciating pain. The death of the tissue can be fatal for the person if there is no medical person to prevent it. Today we are going to present you symptoms that indicate heart attack um to one month before it happens.

Shortness of Breath 
You may be in a risk of heart attack if you find it really difficult to catch a breath. It results in shortness of breath when your heart gets less blood. This situation is absolutely good indicator of heart attack because the respiratory and cardio vascular systems totally depend on one another.

heart attack

Excessive Fatigue
You feel excessive tiredness because your heart receives less blood when a coronary artery narrowing reaches the dangerous level.

You can feel weaker than usual when your organism has a shortage of oxygen because of lowered blood flow. The muscles do not receive enough blood because your artery narrowing hinders the circulation of the blood.

Uncomfortable Feeling in the Chest

You can have discomfort in your chest if you have lack of oxygen to the heart muscle.

Cold Sweats / Dizziness
Dizziness or cold sweats are one of the signs when heart attack is on its way. The blood flow to the brain is restricted by the poor cardiac circulation that additionally results with dizziness and clamminess.

What can you Do?
You should immediately ask for help and if you experience of the symptoms that we mentioned above. Women have to visit their physician at regular intervals because they tend to have subtler symptoms than men. If your body behaves strangely, do not hesitate, but visit your doctor immediately, especially if your family suffers from heart diseases.

Source: DailyNutritionNews

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