How To See Without Glasses?


Today we are going to present the simplest approach to temporarily center your eyesight when you don’t have contact lenses or g

lasses. This powerful trick would be extremely effective in the event that you lose your glasses.

How To Improve Your Eyesight Naturally

Vitamin C, E and A have been known to lessen the danger of eyes diseases. Mostly, zeaxanthin and lutein are powerful cancer agents which assume the part of common glasses. Macula region is the place where they are concentrated and they prevent you from oxidative harm and harming UV light. Leafy green vegetables such as collards, chicory, parsley, chard, spinach and kale are best food wellsprings of zeaxhanthin and lutein. They can be also found in peas, brussel sprouts, broccoli, squash and pumpkin.


Your sight can be significantly improved by Vitamin D. The studies have shown that 6 weeks of vitamin D supplementation radically enhances your vision and decreases irritation of the retina. Besides you get Vitamin D from the sun, you also have to consume food full of fat soluble vitamins such as organ meats.

Omega 3 fatty acids provide optic nerve issues – glaucoma. Tuna, herring, sardines and salmon are the best source of Omega 3. The consumption of the foods that I mentioned above will definitely improve your vision.

Contact lenses and glasses are worsening the vision. Your specialist will never tell you this information because he/she is in the cash making business. This problem can be addressed on the grounds – it actually begins with the real food.

How much saffron do we really need and can we intake through the diet or we must take supplements?

1g, Organic Traditions Saffron

The recommended dose of saffron is 20mg of high quality per day. You can prepare it as a tea, spice or you can intake it in the food.

Source: My Natural Way of Life

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