How To Sleep In 10 Minutes With This Traditional Technique!

Forget about passing those bad nights of insomnia circling the bed, taking pills to sleep that are not good for you.

Learn how to sleep in less than 10 minutes with this technique eastern China that will facilitate your days and nights. A person who does not sleep well is not performing well in their daily activities and live sleepy.

How To Sleep In 10 Minutes With This Traditional Technique!

Traditional Chinese medicine if it works, we see the elderly Chinese with more energy than a young man now , and is that they have the magic potion to sleep instantly , it is rather a sleeping pill but liquid.


Dry Lavender
1 Peeling fresh tangerine
Valeriana dry
Dry Chamomile


All the ingredients that are grinding must be dry, if you get the grind much better; we estimate the dose 1 tablespoon per cup of boiling water. The peeling of mandarin is essential, preferably fresh and very clean to realize its benefits. At least you must use a peeling tangerine for each cup of boiling water.

Traditional Chinese medicine really works and since a few years ago used this tea sedative , for this reason we have seen the Chinese since early in the morning practicing tai-chi in the parks and working their land.

It is highly recommended to relax and to sleep. If you have already prepared you advised to go to sleep immediately, since its effect is in 10 minutes.

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