How To Thread Your Eyebrows In Just 5 Minutes

All you really need in order to achieve threading is a piece of thread. If you want to feel less pain you can numb the area with some cold water or ice. Do this after marking the shape you desire with an eyebrow pencil.

Cut the string and tie its ends together, so they form a loop. Snip off is there is any extra thread beyond the knot. Hold both sections with each hand. Twist the hand in which you hold the knot five or six times, while tightly holding the other section of the thread. This method will prevent getting the knot in the middle of the thread. You should end up with hourglass or an infinity symbol shape. Then, practice your scissor motion (opening and closing technique) by opening one hand, while closing the other, simultaneously. The twisted thread, which should be in the middle, is what removes the hair.

How To Thread Your Eyebrows In Just 5 Minutes

Hold your hands in a way your fingers are faced away from your face, and position them over the eyebrow you are about to shape. Place the thread’s triangle so that the hair you want to pluck out is within the thread. Pull the thread against the direction the hair grows. This means you ought to move the point of the triangle in the opposite direction of hair grows.

This whole method takes some practice, but it will surely be worth it.

Source: naturalmedicinehouse

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