How to Tighten Your Skin Naturally

If you have lost weight for a short period you can encounter with loose skin. This could be an embarrassing problem which is way most people undergo those intensely painful corrective surgeries. But instead of that, you should follow this top skin fixing tips how to fix and tighten your skin naturally.

Natural ways to firm skin

Apply Astringent to tighten sagging skin

The best way to tighten sagging skin is to apply astringents every day, since astringent play important role in controlling oil, fixing pores and removing wrinkles. It is very simple and you can prepare at home. Use lemon juice, nectar rosemary and witch hazel. This skincare fixings will spurs your pores to close and you will have smoother and firmer facial skin, since it all have astringent properties.

Eat Healthy foods to tighten loose skin

Another way to tighten loose skin, which is essential for your overall health as well, is to follow healthy food regimen including fruits and vegetables rich in carotenoids. Carotenoids are the compounds that give red, orange and yellow fruits and green vegetables their color. Eating healthy foods will make your face look healthier and have glower skin. Avoid diet rich in sugar and make sure you drink 8 to 10 glasses of water daily.

Facial Exercises to tighten sagging skin

Activities that include facial muscle practices will fix your skin and prevent from sagging without surgery. You can try these facial exercises to tighten sagging skin on your cheek, eyes, lips, neck and brow.

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