How to Use Beets for Colon Cleansing and Liver Detox

Beets are ancient and prehistoric food that grew naturally along coastlines in Asia, Europe and North Africa. They are very nutritious and cardiovascular health friendly root vegetables.

Health Benefit

Detox Support

Beets are considered to be an excellent food for detoxification. This is because its contains effective “dietary fiber”, which contains pectin polysaccharides. This are thought to be more effective at cleansing the digestive tract and keeps everything moving.

Not only does the beetroot fiber support digestive and colon health by making elimination easier, it also supports the body’s overall detoxification mechanisms.

How To Use Beets For Liver Detox, Brain Boosting, Colon-cleansing

Beet Juice Recipe for Liver & Colon Cleansing


6 Kale Leaves
3 Carrots (peeled and washed)
2 Red apples (washed and cut)
1 Beet (peeled and washed)
½ Peeled lemon
½ Inch Ginger root

1. Fill the blender with 1-2 cups of water.
2. Place all of the ingredients in the blender and blend.
3. Strain everything using a colander. Then mix with a spoon.
4. Serve with some ice to keep it cool.
5. Use mason jars to store it for later.

Source: 1mhealthtips

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