Humans Are Selfish in Today’s Life! See How…

Food, shelter & clothing are the three basic necessities of life for humans to live peacefully and happily. But today we have increased our desires to such an extent that to fulfill them we are not only disturbing nature but also destroying its creation i.e. life.

Let us see the amount of pain and suffering that we cause to innumerable living beings in order to satisfy our ‘created materialistic wants.’

We start our day by brushing our teeth. But do we realise that the toothpaste that we use may contains bone ash & the most “in-thing”, the gel toothpaste and mouthwash may contains glycerine (byproduct of animal fat). Even if we realise that, do we really bother to do anything about it? 


Not going into details, let us just glance at some of the products we use in our daily routine like soaps and cosmetics which may contain animal ingredients in one form or the other.

Before going for a bath we should know that any branded or non branded soap may contain animal fat – tallow.



Shaving Cream – Stearic acid & lecithin
Shampoo – Egg, animal protein, fatty acids, ceramides
Conditioner – Silk Oil

Deodorant – Quaternium (Derivative of animal tallow)


Besides containing animal ingredients these products are also tested upon helpless animals like guinea pigs, rabbits and monkeys to detect their side-effects on human skin and eyes.


The choice is yours!

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