When the weather is cold outside and you are inside in your warm bed is probably the nicest thing. But when out there is warmer you reach for the lighter sheets and fold up the heavier blankets and it makes sense that the temperature of the room rises with the outdoor temperature.

I Never Knew That Doing This At Night Will Help Me Sleep. Amazing!

Some people find it hard to sleep in warm rooms while some studies show that it has many health benefits and it is better to sleep in cooler environment. A huge difference in your life can even make the way you sleep or on what side you sleep on.
Try to sleep with the air conditioning on low or with a fan in your room. It is a healthy choice to sleep in a cooler environment, but if you are not interested in that way, try this out:

These are the health benefits of sleeping in a cold room:

1-It helps you sleep better and relax

We feel sleepy when our bodies are cooler because when we fall asleep, the internal temperature of our body drops slightly. That is why sleeping in a cold room helps us to get sleep faster, as the cool room drops the body temperature more quickly.

2-It improves the physical and mental health

It might seems like a small thing to feel secure under your blanket and fall asleep quickly but that is actually huge help for the mental and physical health issues in adults, teens and children. With dropping the room temperature and adding a blanked can help some issues such as anxiety, fibromyalgia and sleep apnea.

3-It can manage weight

You may not believe that sleeping can burn calories, but it really does. It has been shown that cooler temperature can raise metabolism rates.
The ‘good fat’(brown fat) has been shown to increase when it’s cold to your body and then the body burns off the excess sugars and calories because this fat produces more heat than the rest of the body.

4-Keeps your head cool

Your head is exposed on the comfortable and constant temperature while your body is under the blanket. You will feel like you cannot breathe if your room is stuffy and hot.

5- Cooler room temperature can bring you your beauty sleep

When you sleep well it will make you look great and feel great. Your body releases optimal melatonin levels when you sleep enough and deeply. Melatonin will boost your look because it is and anti-aging hormone and it will also boost your mood.

Here are some tips for keeping cool:

1-Get the right temperature

In order to get the most out of your time asleep, according some studies, you need to sleep in a cool room, but not too cool, of course. Between 60-67 degrees is the optimal temperature. It is not ideal for sleeping above 75 and under 54 degrees.

2-Try to stick out your feet

Your feet, as the head, are a great regulator of temperature. In case you feel a little overheated, just poke your feet out and the rest of your body will cool down.

3-You should also watch out for the memory foam

Because it is a synthetic material, it retains the body shape but it also retains a lot of heat. Swap it out in the summer for a traditional pillow.

4-Try to sleep almost naked

As less cloth you have on yourself as less heat you will feel. A lot of clothing can cause discomfort and in the same it may interrupted your sleep.

5-You can also use a fan

It really sounds great to sleep in cool room with opened windows, hearing the crickets in the summer and use the air conditioning to put a damper on that. It is great to invest in a small fan and to keep it on low during the night. It will work too, if you have a ceiling fan, and it may help you sleep a soft hum.

Now you know about all the benefits from sleeping in cool room, and you might find yourself looking and feeling better this summer.

Source: littlethings