I Thought She Was Losing It When She Put A Ziplock Bag Over Her Socks. But Her Reasoning? SMART!

As the cold winter weather is already upon us, chances are you have started to prepare to hunker down for the next couple of months. Winter can be a time of chapped lips. dry skin, drippy noses and icy cars, but not if you know some important life hacks to get you through.

All of these classic winter problems can easily be solved through some creative thinking so we have 15 of the best winter life hacks for you right here!

bootWaterproof Your Boots

Grab a large ziplock bag and stick a sock-covered foot right in there. Now toss a few rubber bands on top to seal it up, slide your boots right on top and you’ll never have to deal with wet feet again.

No More Flopping

If your boots tend to flop over and make a mess in your closet, go get your hands on a foam pool noodle. Slice that up into medium-length pieces and place them inside your boots to keep them organized for days.

Say Goodbye To Chapped Lips

Instead of trying to keep chapstick on all day, try applying a ton the night before and allowing it to sit while you sleep. You’ll wake up with fresh, moist lips and feel better than ever!

Wintertime Eyeliner Solution

Putting on eyeliner in the winter can be a pain, as the eyeliner itself tends to stick and get clumpy with the cold. Warm it up by rubbing your fingers around on it and your eyes will be looking great all winter long.

Source: Super Tasty Recipes

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