If You Have Back Pain, You Should Use Ice Massage Therapy!

Ice massage is extremely efficient in relieving pain in the neck and back. Spine pain can be caused by numerous factors, including sudden movements, sports injuries, lifting heavy objects etc.

Back pain is usually accompanied by inflammations which can be effectively treated with ice massage. Also, it calms the nerve in the affected area and obstructs the nerve pain signals.

 If You Have Back Pain, You Should Use Ice Massage Therapy!

Generally, ice massage is most helpful in the first 48h after the injury or the straining. It reduces inflammation and swelling, and provides immediate pain relief.


1. Massage the painful area using circular motions for about 5 minutes, 5 times a day.
2. The ice should be applied on the six-inch area of the back where the pain is felt.

Avoid applying ice directly to the bony part of the spine and it is recommended that you wrap the ice cubes in a clean cloth.

Bonus: Facial Massage

Put some fresh fruit juice in your ice tray and freeze it. Rub your face with these ice cubes. It will make your face look refreshed and glowing.

Possible Side Effects

Do not use more than 2 ice cubes. Using too many ice cubes can cause skin irritation and can break the capillaries under the skin if you use them directly.

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