If You Have These Symptoms, Instantly Go To the Doctor! Otherwise After 10 Days May Be Too Late!

Both, men and women are affected from this health issue. Anyway, the symptoms in men aren’t the same as the symptoms in women.

The symptoms in women sometimes are manifesting ten days before the heart attack.

In case you have any of the following symptoms, you should visit your doctor as soon as possible.

Chest pain and discomfort

Chest pain and discomfort
This is the most usual symptom of an upcoming heart attack, but the women can have it in different way than the men. It can be like nipping and fullness, the ache can be in any part of the chest, not only the left side. This is often “really uncomfortable” while a heart attack is occurring. A woman feels like a vise.

Pain in the arm, back, neck or jaw
This type of pain is more often manifested in women than in men. Women are often confused by this pain because they expect pain in the left hand and are ignoring the pain in the back and their jaw. The pain can be progressive or unexpected and it can cause nausea before becoming stronger. It can even wake up when you are sleeping. You will need to tell and explain about every “abnormal and unexplained” symptom anywhere on your body above your waist to your cardiologist.

Stomach pain
Many times the people are thinking that their stomach pain is caused by acids in the stomach, flu or stomach ulcer. But it can be a sign of an upcoming heart attack. The women are explaining their abdominal tension as if something heavy is pressing their stomach down.

Shortage of breath, nausea and dizziness
If you cannot explain your difficult breathing, then it is possible that you may get a heart attack, particularly if you are noticing other symptoms. You may think you are fleeing, but in fact you didn’t move from your place.

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