If You Want to Stop the Pain in Your Back, Then You Must Try this Recipe!

You can try this natural recipe and you will be very positively surprised. Namely, a lot of people found this simple and efficient recipe for back, joints and legs pain very helpful.

Back Pain

Every night, before going to bed, for a period of 1, 5 month you should eat:

1 Fig(अंजीर)
1 Dry Apricot(खुबानी)
5 Dry Plums(बेर)

These fruits contain substances which cause tissue regeneration, which assemble the intervertebral disks. They make them strong and tough. The vertebrae become naturally properly positioned, without outer manual correction.

Each of these fruits contains certain elements and substances, and their mixing provides a great cure for spine problems. This recipe is based on the experience of sportists (Olympians) who regenerated their spine after tough physical efforts.

Source: healthtipssource

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