Illegal Animal Transport

Animals used by the leather industry are transported to states where they can legally be killed. Forced to walk through the heat and dust for days without food or water, many of the animals collapse. Cows are pulled by ropes that are inserted through their noses. To keep the animals moving, handlers twist the cows’ necks, horns and tails or rub chilli peppers in the animals’ eyes. 
 Here are some images that reflects reality of animal transportation.
Imagine the amount of pain animals feel when treated like this.

Many times while transportation the bones and horns of animals break.

This is Inhumane and Gruesome!!! We must stop this horrid act.
OMG!! Animals feel pain. They are scared ! They cry ! But alas there is no one who hears them!!
Please Stop Animal Transportation !! Please Save Animals!

Please be aware and share this message with all.

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