Incredible – Healing Spruce Juice To Treat Diabetes!

On this occasion we will explain how to prepare yourself completely natural remedy spruce, that cures diabetes.

This recipe is completely natural and you will love the taste of it.

Ingredients for juice mentioned are:

Incredible - Healing Spruce Juice To Treat Diabetes!

0.5 kg of spruce (berries)
3 l water
1 lemon

Preparing juice:

Spruce shake the jar and pour three liters of water almost to the top.

Add the juice of one lemon (or slices can I can be bitter), and let stand for a couple of days.

Juice is ready to drink when juniper berries begin to fall to the bottom.

Sweeten to taste while you drink. Fresh juice you get by adding new water into the jar, but only while it has berries that still float. When all spruce berries sink to the bottom must be replaced with new ones.

Source: Healthier Way Of Life

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