Incredible – Rub Index Finger 60 Second And See What Happen to Your Body

This is amazing! Rub your finger for 60 seconds and you will experience something amazing!


1. Thumb – it is related with the heart and lungs so you can get rid of palpitation or short breath by only rubbing your thumb.

2. Forefinger – it is related with your stomach and you can solve stomach problems and constipation.

3. Index finger – it is related with colon and stomach. It treats diarrhea and constipation.

4. Middle finger – you will get rid of traveling disease and insomnia.

5. Ring finger – Treat your migraines, muscle and neck pain and improve your blood circulation.

6. Palms – related with many nerves in your body. Clapping your hands you can improve your physical health.

7. Back of the hands – related with your waist and abdomen. All you need to do is to rub them a little.

You can make amazing things by only rubbing these parts of your hands. Remove any pain in an easy and all natural way!

Source: Make Your Life Healthier

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