India needs to step up war against cancer – NATHEALTH

A health body today said India needs to step up the war against cancer which is the second biggest killer after heart disease even as it urged the government to expand current programmes to overcome the growing cancer burden in the country. On World Cancer Day today, the Healthcare Federation of India (NATHEALTH) said there are 7 lakh new cancer cases per year while referring to World Cancer Report 2015 in India and asserted that Non Communicable Disease (NCDs) will cost the country USD 6 trillion by 2030.

“We need to scale up and expand current programmes to control cancer with care offerings that integrate screening, prevention, treatment and follow-up, enabled by partnerships, both private-private and public-private, and across the delivery, insurance, technology and pharmaceutical sectors of the healthcare industry,” said Anjan Bose, Secretary General, NATHEALTH.

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