Indian Home Remedies for Piles!

Piles and Hemorrhoids names are very horrible and painful for who is suffering from these diseases. With piles people have problem in passing stool. Dry piles produce pain and bleeding so it is very trepidation situation. Pregnancy, chronic constipation, anal intercourse and fiber diet are common symptoms of piles. Piles are very embarrassing problems for that pile’s patients avoid the doctors. In India lots of home remedies for piles are using successfully. Here some natural remedies for piles which are beneficial for Hemorrhoids patients.

Indian Home Remedies for Piles!

Home Remedies for Piles

Mix black mustard powder and yoghurt in a bowl. After this process chew the mustard powder pieces carefully and drink buttermilk. It will help you with piles problems.
Take a bowl of water with pomegranate and soak peels. Boil this mixture for five minutes and wait for cool down. Drink this at early morning, evening and throw away your piles problem.
Buttermilk which is prepared from cow’s milk, add ginger, salt and peppercorns in the buttermilk. Drink it two times in a day for relief.
Cow milk is the best remedy so you can use it with 10 grams black mustard, 5 grams sugar. Drink it in the early morning.
Few flowers of tamarind plant and pomegranate juice in a bowl of yoghurt. When it blended well then add some ginger and coriander in it. Eat this after large meal. It will surely help in the pain.
Take dry slices of yam, grind it and make powder. Add 70 grams white leadwort, 10 grams black pepper and 500 grams jaggery in this powder. After adding these all ingredients mix well make it capsules and store in a bottle. Consume it every morning and evening.
When bleeding in piles, then uses curd goat’s milk in the morning with carrot juice.
Radish is a magic remedy for piles and it will reduce pain. Make radish juice and mix honey in the juice. Use this mixture on the affected area.
Rubbing coconut oil on the affected area is the instant remedy so you can try it any time.
Mix ½ tsp lime juice, mint juice and ginger juice with 1 tsp honey and drink it one time in a day.
Take one glass of cold water and mix 1 tsp roasted black cumin and black cumin. Drink anytime in a day.
A ripe banana mash in a cup of milk and drink 3 times in a day for reducing pain.
Soak figs in the water and keep it overnight. Drink it early morning with empty stomach.
Diet for Chronic piles, first switch to all fruit for some day. After this when you feel relief, then continue with a healthy diet. Best diet for piles is avoided junk foods, spicy food, processed food and smoking habit, alcohol also. So keep home remedies for piles and feel healthy.

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