Today we have prepared one of my favorite sickness solutions for you. It’s called ginger infused water.

This is not only good for flu and colds though it is amazingly soothing on your throat, has some great leftovers and tastes delicious.

Antibacterial properties of the honey soothe the sore, build up tolerance to pollen and alleviate mild allergy symptoms. Why? Honey is rich in trace amounts of pollen that actually encourage the organism to produce antibodies to pollen. It lessens your allergies eventually by decreasing the amount of histamine your body produces.

Honey has large amounts of antioxidants that that fight both Alzheimer’s and aging. You can also reduce night time coughing and improve your sleep by consuming honey 30 min before go to bed.

Ginger is extremely powerful antioxidant, excellent against arthritis. It protects against colorectal cancer, solves nausea in pregnancy and it represents wonder for all motion sickness (sea, land or air).

Ginger Infused Honey

You will Need

–         2 tbsp of dried ginger or 1 ½ inches of fresh ginger root

–         2 cups of honey

–         Sterilized containers with lids (salad dressing containers, mason jar…whatever)

–         Heat safe bowl and a pot or a double boiler

–         Candy Thermometer


  1. Wash, peel and slice the ginger. You can slice it or shred it into thin slices
  2. Place the water on the bottom and the honey in the top of the double boiler
  3. Put the ginger in the honey and then bring the water to boil.
  4. With the candy thermometer, monitor the honey
  5. Keep the honey for 10 min at 185c.
  6. Remove and let it stay for additional 10 min
  7. The next thing you should do is to strain the ginger and pour into the sterilized containers
  8. Keep the ginger, if you choose to thinly slice it-it is great for upset tummy because it is honey-glazed ginger


You can leave a bit of ginger root and honey, if you choose to go with slicing your ginger. It actually preserves the ginger and the longer you leave it with the ginger, the ginger becomes more infused, the tastier it is.

Source: The Heart Soul

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