Is Baby Powder Safe?

Baby powder is useful for keeping baby’s skin dry and free from rashes. But is it safe to use powder on babies? Read on to find tips for using baby powder the right way on your baby’s skin and tips for choosing the right baby powder.

Baby powders are used to protect the delicate infant skin. The powder is applied on infant skin to absorb excess moisture. It is very useful in keeping the skin dry which ensures that the infant does not get any nappy rash.

However, according to American Academy of Paediatrics it is unsafe to use powder on babies due to risk of respiratory disorders. If babies inhale powder they may face the risks like breathing problems and lung damage.

Is Baby Powder Safe

Is it ok to use just any baby powder for your baby? Although there are a number of baby powder brands available in the market today it pays to do a little research before choosing the right one for your baby. Majority of powders contain particles which can affect the skin adversely.

A specific variety of powders which must be avoided at all cost is the one that contains talc. Research has indicated some association between cancer and talc. Inhaling talc based powders is extremely harmful for the baby. Hence, most doctors nowadays prescribe the use of corn starch based baby powders. This too must be used sparingly as and when required.

Where Do You Need to use Powder?

There is no need to use powder all over an infant’s body. It is required the most where the baby skin creases. This includes the underarms, genital area, and neck. Applying sweet smelling powder liberally all over the baby will make her smell pleasant and at the same time causes more harm in the long run due to chemicals present in the fragrant powder.

Is Baby Powder the Best Solution for Treating Diaper Rashes?

Baby powder is useful to keep the skin dry and moisture free. However, to treat diaper rash it is not the best remedy. Many a times diapers are not changed frequently which results in rashes. Certain disposable diapers contain irritants capable of causing skin allergy. In such cases by using powder you will not be able to get rid of the rashes. The problem will persist unless you discontinue the use of the specific brand of disposable diaper which has caused the rash.

Tips for Choosing a Baby Powder

Have a quick look at the tips for choosing a baby powder.

Cornstarch Baby Powder – It is best to use a cornstarch baby powder in your baby’s diaper area. This will be useful in keeping the area dry and reduce friction caused because of the wet diaper rubbing against the baby’s skin. In fact if diapers are changed at regular intervals there is no need to use baby powder at all.

Sometimes cornstarch powder can also harm an infant. This is particularly true in case the infant skin is raw from diaper rash. For such infants instead of using baby powder it is advisable to use a diaper ointment or cream. Similarly when an infant has visible signs of skin infection consulting a doctor is better than applying any baby powder or cream.

Choosing the Right Baby Powder – While buying baby powder and other baby products in general it is advisable to go in for reputed and well known brands.Choose powder which does not contain talc and is phthalate free.

What Not to do While Using Baby Powder?

Here are some things which you should avoid while powdering your baby.

Never shake the powder directly on your baby. Take some in your hand and pat your baby’s skin gently with it.
Ensure to shake the powder from your hand away from the baby. Basically the idea here is to ensure that the baby does not breathe the powder in or get any of it into her eyes.
Do not allow your baby to play with the powder container. While changing the diaper keep the container away from the baby’s reach.
Do not use powder on baby’s face and nostrils since this can cause breathing problems and lung complications if inhaled.
Do not let powder accumulate in the baby’s skin folds. Wipe such accumulated powder away gently with a soft cloth during diaper change.
Using baby powder is good for keeping baby’s skin dry and prevent rashes. Therefore, Follow the above mentioned tips to choose powder for your baby the right way and use it the right way.

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