Is Basmati Rice Healthy?

Basmati rice smells really good. It is tasty too. And it is also healthy. If you go for brown basmati rice, it is healthier. The tall, fluffy grains make your mouth water. Its aroma appetises you. Basmati rice goes well with both veg and non-veg dishes.

Now, if you are wondering whether it is healthier than the regular white rice, yes it is! The regular polished refined grains that you use in your daily life aren’t as healthy as basmati rice or brown rice.

Basmati rice contains carbohydrates, small amounts of protein, very less fat, vitamins and minerals and of course enough fibre to keep you healthy.

Consuming more fibre can minimise the chances of colon cancer. Basmati rice is said to have more fibre compared to normal rice.Choose brown basmati rice.

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