Is Cow a Boon for Us? Lets Find Out…

Mother Cow is the queen of sacred animals. In India Cow is known as “Gau Mata“.
Cow is a divine gift from God.
Here are many advantages of Holy Cow.

 Cow Dung
It is the best source of  fuel for the Indian village dwellers. It is used for cooking at homes. Gobar Gas is very famous in Villages.
 Cow Milk
Cow’s milk has been often the only source of nourishment for India’s vast population. Cow’s Milk is the best for growing up kids and also cures various diseases.

Cow Urine
Cow urine and waste are very good for killing bacterias. Drinking Cow’s urine is good for health.
It  helps to prevent various diseases including cancer.

Cow is so loving and caring. 
Farmers plow their fields with the help of OX
So these are just a few qualities of holy cow. She is giving us so much. We are not being grateful to her instead we mercilessly kill her.

Let us all realize the true worth of cows. Cows have an immense value even in our vedas and puranas, the spiritual books of India.
So love Cow ! Love Animals ! Be Vegetarian and share this information with others for the sake of our beloved cows! 
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