Is Cracking Your Knuckles Harmful?

When you were small, your parents were probably telling you to stop cracking your knuckles because you might get an arthritis or shaky hands.

Though there’s no scientific evidence for this, it’s still not recommended doing it. Wrists are a mixture of two bones between which there’s a cartilage protecting the bones. They are joined by connective tissue and ligaments, while a joint capsule filled with a blue liquid is found in the middle. This liquid contains soluble gases and the reason for its existing between the bones is to prevent friction on the cartilage. There are bubbles created in this liquid, which burst upon knuckle cracking.

Is it bad to crack knuckles

When you crack your knuckles, you’re actually broadening the articular capsule, resulting with the creation of bubbles with blue liquid,or with other words this is the so-called process of creating cavitation. The sound of the cracking actually comes from the bubbles.

Although there is no evidence that the knuckle cracking is bad for your health, it’ll still be better if you leave your fingers and joints alone.

Source: healthyfoodspirit

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