Is Homeopathy Treatment Good for Hair Loss and Hair Fall?

Causes of Hair Loss

  • If any of your family members already has hair loss problems, then chances are that you are suffering from it due to genetic reasons.
  • Though baldness in men after a certain age is very common, reason behind it varies from person to person. In addition to genetic factors, issues like eczema, dandruff and skin problems also cause hair loss.
  • Surprisingly cosmetic procedures such as shampooing, coloring, weaving and prolong traction may lead to hair loss, if not done correctly.
  • Similarly, scalp massage is good not only for stopping hair fall but also for overall health. However, a slight mistake or overdoing may be counterproductive and may lead to hair loss if continued for long.
  • Treatments such as chemo therapy and many other anti cancer drugs are often the cause of heavy hair fall.
  • Steroids and contraceptive pills may cause hair loss , if used for prolonged duration.
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