Is It Okay to Drink Water After Eating Fruits?

Many people believe that drinking water right after eating fruits is bad for health as it can cause flatulence and pain. It is assumed that fruits contain a high amount of sugar and yeast (a microbe), and when you drink water immediately after eating a fruit, it dilutes the stomach acids. This creates a favourable environment for the yeast to survive and produce alcohol and carbon dioxide — a common cause of gas build-up in the stomach.

Is It Okay to Drink Water After Eating Fruits

‘This is a myth that most tend to believe. Even after drinking water, the stomach pH remains in the range of 2-4, which does not favour the growth of yeast. Moreover, it requires yeast to remain in the stomach for more than 2-3 hours to proliferate and produce carbon dioxide,’ explains Dr Neha Sanwalka, nutritionist and dietician.

Source: thehealthsite

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