It Kills Cancer – Treats Migraines – Depression And Autism – This Diet Is The Healthiest Out There

According to a mounting research the answer for many health problems, including obesity is the nutritional ketosis.

The ketogenic diet switches the metabolic engine in the body from dissolving carbohydrates to dissolving fats.

During this diet you should bring in 50-70% beneficial fats in your body which are contained in grass-fed butter, coconut oil, avocado, organic eggs, macadamia nuts and pecans. Thus, the amount of carbohydrates becomes minimal and the body dissolves fats for energy.

At the same time the body generates ketones, which are made of fats produced in the liver.

According to the web-site, the purpose is to change the body’s metabolism, through the eliminating carbohydrates and increasing the intake of fats. The human body is very adaptive, which means that if we consume more fats, our body will learn to dissolve them in order to produce energy.

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