Across the entire world, Japanese have been quite popular in their techniques of recipes. Infectious diseases are quite common across the entire region wherever you may go. Thus, a proper technique needs to be followed in order to get rid of them. Every country possesses a varied terrain and environment thus their techniques probably differ.


But certainly Japanese have evolved a suitable method of treating seasonal disorders with their homemade recipes. Usually, one of their common recipe juices is known by the name “17 per day”. In winters, a person requires warmness from inside to keep away the cold effect farther. Thus, consumption of this juice keeps the flu and colds away from your body and treats them well. It acts as a shield over your immune system. Probably in Japan, the Japanese government has recommended a certain amount of 17 fruits and vegetable usage to be on a regular basis. This is done in a way to keep away the diseases far from you.

Ingredients being used:

These fruits and vegetables are consumed in amounts of drinks by a person. One of the common drinks that can certainly act against your immune follows the following steps for its preparation:

  • Take 1 apple, 1 pear and 1 cucumber and it should be fresh.
  • Take a slice of fresh lime sliced into halves and a 1 cm length ginger.
  • Now the most important spinach requirements a handful amount.
  • Half a size celery stem and also a medium sized piece of carrot.
  • A fresh ingredient which is kale and pieces of beetroot.
  • Now take some slices of pineapple with 1 cm sized broccoli.
  • A piece of zucchini, parsnip, fennel and small slices of red as well as black pepper.

After getting such items, one can suitably create a drink or juice in a blender with just a single touch. The presence of peppers usually acts as a resistive agent against the cold winters.

Working process:

All ingredients being added to this recipe probably contain some essential nutrients and vitamins. These may include vitamin A, B, B1, B2, C, B3, B6 and also amounts of vitamin E. Apart from all these it also contains some chemicals like iron, magnesium, zinc, sodium, phosphorous, potassium, sulfur, copper and also boron, chrome. This surplus amounts of vitamins and minerals are sufficient for a person to fight successfully against the actions of winters. Thus is suitable for the old-aged population within the country.

Usage of this Japanese drink has suitably been approved for every person surviving in the country.

Source: Healthy Body And Tips

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