Keeping Your Phone In Your Pocket? Stop It Now! The Consequences Could Be Deadly

The cell phones are necessary for every man in the world. It is hard to imagine the life without them now, but according to doctors from the Russian organization “League of the nation’s health” the cell phones are leaving very dangerous impact on our nervous system.

Nikolai Kononov, vice president of this organization claims that besides the nervous system, the endocrine and reproductive systems are also affected from the cell phones.

Keeping Your Phone In Your Pocket! Stop It Now! The Consequences Could Be Deadly

The biological effect from electromagnetic field is creating delayed effects like development of degenerative processes of the central nervous system, brain cancer, leukemia and hormonal disarrays.

The children and the pregnant women in late pregnancy are most vulnerable category, which is the reason expectant mothers are consulted to minimize their cell phone conversation.

“We aren’t forbidding the use of cell phones, but advising reasonable caution, because 70% of the overall population is subjected to electromagnetic radiation from the cell phones. Plenty of studies have proved that this radiation impacts on human body, these impacts haven’t yet been fully studied, so no one contradicts that cell phones usage requires caution”, said Kononov.

According to the experts from “League of nation’s health” it is far more dangerous to have conversation 5 minutes long, than 5 conversations 1 minute long. There should be 15 minutes interval between each call.

You should use “hands free” plug in, in order to diminish electromagnetic radiation with distance. Put your mobile phone against your ears when connection is made. Keep the distance between the cell phone and your vital organs. Don’t hold it in your pockets, hold it in your backpack or bag.

Source: healthyfoodteam

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