Kellie Olver launches anti – aging products – Triplek and ReNuture

Kellie Olver, an international television host, has launched a complete anti-aging system to avoid the signs and symptoms of aging from the base itself.

The Kellie Olvers anti-aging transformational system consists of two separate products: the Triplek, which is a nutricosmetic with abundant amount of proteins formulated as a nutritional supplemental drink, and the other being ReNuture that improves skin texture and is said to keep one younger day and night.

As per Kellie Olvers, the combination of Triplek and ReNuture reverses the visible and invisible signs and symptoms of aging.

Kellie Olver has more than 25 years experience in television industry. She is a host in Home Shopping Network and The Shopping Channel who has showcased many top skincare brands from over the world.

Olver’s weight increased with age and her face was affected by sun burns for dieting. She tried many products to beautify her skin to stop the signs of aging, but in vain.

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