Kellie Olver launches anti – aging products – Triplek and ReNuture

She came across the best skincare and beauty products while working on Home Shopping Network. With that she became an expert in anti-aging products and did research on the cause behind aging and used that information to formulate products to reverse aging.

She made a product in the form of applying cosmetic product externally and nutritional product internally for good care of skin.

Olver said: “What you believe in is what you draw to yourself, and this is especially true when it comes to aging.

“If you believe that life is all downhill past a certain age, so be it. If you believe nothing will work to turn back the aging clock, you will see yourself growing old before your own eyes.

Proper nutrition sets the foundation for aging backwards. The right skincare does work. Combine the two, and you have the perfect formula for reverse aging success. Beautiful aging at its finest.”

Oliver’s transformation system is claimed to be safe, effective and fast.

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