Kill Fat Cells Instantly Just By Freezing Them!

Studies Show Exposure to Cold Causes Fat Cell Death

Cold exposure helps the body to turn on the brown fat. This helps people to lessen obesity issues. Scientists, when taking biopsies of patients’ fat deposits, discovered that in the winter, thigh and belly fat have greater signs of ‘browning’ than the samples which were taken in the summer. This means that cold temperatures facilitate the process of white fat transformation into beige. The majority of houses are heated to around 21 degrees Celsius in the winter season. However, The Medical Centre of the Maastricht University recommends turning down the thermostat to 17 degrees Celsius for several hours in a day.

In an article published in The New York Times, about a group of men sleeping in a metabolic chamber of chilly 66 degrees, it was found that after 4 weeks the men slept at this temperature, their brown fat volume was doubled. At the same time, they experienced an insulin sensitivity increase and burned more calories during the following day. This practice is worldwide known as a ‘cold thermogenesis’.

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