Kill Fat Cells Instantly Just By Freezing Them!

Moderate intensity cold thermogenesis includes sitting in a 50 to 60-degree chilly room while wearing only shorts, in order to provoke significant brown fat formation.
Hardcore intensity cold thermogenesis might be achieved by wearing a pair of compression shorts filled with ice packs and an ice vest. This practice provokes the body to shiver, and by so doing, it burns a large number of calories.


Tim Ferriss, the author of a book The Four-Hour Body, elaborates on the concept of brown fat activation in order to boost fat burning process by exposing the body to frigid temperatures. He claims that everyone can increase their fat burning potential by 300% if they add ice therapy to their workout routine and healthy diet. Ferriss’ claim was backed up by Livestrong article, whereas it was stated that one NASA scientist, who was examining the temperature on astronauts, had seen how their metabolism boost for 20 % in 60 degrees environments.

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