Know How Jamun Helps To Fight Off Various Diseases!

Jamun is also called Jambul in India. Both these terms have been used in this page and essentially refer to the same tree and fruit. In English, it is called by various names like, black plum, java plum, malabar plum, jambolan etc. Jamun


The following are some of the health benefits of jambul. Jambul is very good to treat Gout. Boil the bark well in water till the water thickens. Cool and apply this watery paste on the affected part to relieve pain and inflammation. In Diabetes, drink jamun juice and mango juice mixed in equal quantities. Jamun-juice


To remove body weakness, treat anaemia, increase memory and remove sexual weakness, take 1 tsp each of jamun juice, honey and amla juice everyday in the morning. Eating jamuns stimulates the liver and relieves bladder problems. To increase appetite and treat constipation take vinegar made of raw jamun fruits with equal quantity of water, twice a day. To treat stomatitis and mouth and teeth problems apply jamun juice and also drink it. For treating pimples, grind the dry seeds. Add some cow’s milk and apply on the pimples while going to bed at night. Wash in the morning. Continue for a few days.

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For diarrhoea, mix a little rock salt in jamun juice and drink. For Acidity, eat jamuns with black salt and roasted cumin seed powder. To maintain a healthy voice and relieve hoarseness, gargle with a concoction of jamun seeds boiled in water for some time and cooled. For those suffering from renal stones, eating powdered jamun seeds with yoghurt helps. for children suffering from bedwetting, give the child 1/2 tsp powdered jamun seeds with water 2 times a day for some days to stop this habit.


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Jamun stimulates the melanin making cells and thus helps in curing leucoderma. Risk of heart attacks can be reduced by eating jambul regularly as it prevents hardening of the arteries. To stop vomiting drink jamun juice. For boils and other skin disorders apply some jamun seeds mixed with a little oil on the affected area.

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