Know How to Save Yourself From A Heart Attack Only In 10 Seconds!

Many people have experienced a heart attack when they’ve been alone, with no-one to help them. During a heart attack, the heart begins to beat irregularly, and you have only 10 seconds before you lose consciousness.

How To Save Heart Attack‎

However, you can save yourself with strong and frequent coughing. With each cough, you’ll need to take a deep breath. The cough needs to be deep and prolonged.

Such breathing and coughing should be repeated every two seconds, without stopping, until you reach help or until you feel your heart beating more stable.

Deep breath supplies the lungs with oxygen, while coughing presses and massages the heart.

Pressing on the area around the heart can also help. This way you can overcome this situation, before going to the hospital.

Source: tophealthylife

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