Know What’s In The Ice Cream!

What’s in the ice cream? With the arrival of summer, it is used to end a meal with a lot of ice cream, or even use this product for a snack mid-morning or for a mid-afternoon snack. But the ice cream packaged are safe for our health?

Going to examine the ingredients of one of the classic tradition, which is the “Cornetto“, you discover interesting things: behind the ice cream, that cover the low fat cocoa, the wafer, the chopped meringues and hazelnut, there is not only a sweet taste, but much more. Check out the list of dangerous ingredients to your health.

The list of ingredients includes, therefore, the rehydrated skimmed milk, wheat flour, sugar, palm oil, coconut oil, butter concentrate, glucose syrup, the hazelnuts, milk concentrated skim, the low fat cocoa powder, cream, sunflower lecithin, ammonium phosphatides, the monoglycerides of fatty acids, the diglycerides of fatty acids, salt, potato starch, sodium alginate, vanilla natural flavor, skimmed milk powder, natural flavors, caramelized sugar syrup, milk protein, egg white and starch modified wheat.

A list that no doubt is very long, but it’s worth even going to read the calorie intake, which is between 400 and 500 calories: taking into account that an apple provides about 80 calories, it is important to do the math, especially if you are following a weight loss diet.

What to do, then? Having said that sometimes it is lawful to take off a whim, a viable and nutritious alternative to ice cream can be found in yogurt with a fruit smoothie with choice and made more tempting by crushed nuts (chopped pistachios, hazelnuts or almonds) and small chocolate chips, dark or milk.

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