Know Why You Should Stop Feeding Your Kids Hot Dogs!

Two reports of the Cancer Causes and Control advise that children born to mothers who were eating minimum 1 hot dog per week during the pregnancy have a double risk of developing brain tumors, and also the children whose fathers before the conception ate hot dogs.

How the hot dogs are causing cancer?

Hot dogs contain high amount of nitrites that are used as a preservative, mostly to fight botulism. During the process of cooking, the nitrates mix with amines that are present in the meat, to form carcinogenic N-nitroso compounds. It is suspected that the nitrites also can mix with the amine in the stomach to form those N-nitroso compounds.

These N-nitroso compounds are carcinogens and also have been connected with cancer of the urinary bladder, oral cavity, brain, stomach and esophagus.

Source: beautyhealthpage

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