Learn How To Make Angoor(Grape) Sharbat?

Grapes are among the most delicious and beneficial fruit,it not only taste great and but are loaded with nutrients.They aids digestion,cure constipation,good for anemia patients,kidney disorders and many more.It is a great source of anti oxidants.

Angoor Sharbat



Seedless Purple grapes- 1 cup
Fresh mint leaves-12
Ginger,chopped-1/2 tsp
Sugar- 1 tbsp
Black salt-1/3 tsp
Roasted cumin-1/2 tsp
Aerated lemon drink-1.5 can


Wash the grapes and mint thoroughly.
Add all in the ingredients in the blender(except lemon drink)
Grind to make a smooth paste.
Sieve with a juice strainer .
Fill the serving glasses 1/3 with this syrup.
Add some crushed ice and then pour aerated lemon drink to fill the glass.
Garnish with mint leaves and serve chilled.

Super refreshing sharbat, colour is just breathtaking. Please like and share this delicious drink with your friends and family!

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