Lemon Diet-Lose 20 Pounds In 2 Weeks

lemon diet

In case you need to lose 20 pounds, lemon can be a genuine aide. The lemon diet introduced beneath will enable you to consume surplus fat in a brief time-frame while purging the blood and fortifying the body. As expert dietitians and nutritionists state, lemons have the basic compounds that can separate fat and facilitate the weight reduction handle.

Citrus acid, which happens normally in citrus organic products, brings down the craving, accelerates the digestion, and helps the way toward burning fat. It will likewise ameliorate the digestion process and control the glucose levels. Lemons can likewise hinder sicknesses, clean the lymph and blood, and along these lines, clean the organism of poisons.

Here is the lemon diet:

Day 1

Make a mixture of juice 1 lemon and 1 glass of water.

Day 2

Make a mixture of juice of 2 lemons and 2 glasses of water.

Day 3

Make a mixture of juice of 3 lemons and 3 glasses of water.

Day 4

Make a mixture of juice of 4 lemons and 4 glasses of water.

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