Let’s See A Delicious Sweet Recipe Kesar Peda!

Kesar peda with khoya/khova recipe is a classic Indian mithai (Indian sweet) that is prepared across the country during various occasions.Kesar peda is a milk sweet prepared with homemade khova (milk solids) and sugar,with kesar (saffron) adding delicate flavor and color.It is one of the labor intensive recipe but a very simple one.

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How to make kesar peda-step by step 

1 liter+ 2 tablespoons milk

¼-2 teaspoons sugar

⅛ teaspoon saffron

¼ teaspoon cardamom powder

Kesar Peda 01refectionandreverie

1. Take the milk in a deep,large heave bottomed vessel and set it to boil.

2. Once it reaches the boiling point,lower the flame and start stirring with a wooden ladle or spatula.

3. Keep the flame in medium and stir ,scrapping the solids that accumulate in the side walls of the vessel. (it is important to scrape,as we are aiming to collect these solids,if you leave them,it will be difficult to scrape together at the end)

4. After 20 minutes,milk would have gone down by the half of its volume.Gather some strength and keep stirring

5. After another 20 minutes,you will see a mass lump as shown in the pic,khova is almost ready.

6. Now lower the flame and scrape the walls,bottom of the vessel and bring everything together,remove from flame. Allow it to cool for 10 minutes

7. Transfer the khova to an airtight box and refrigerate.Use within 2 days.

8. To prepare kesar peda,measure ¾ cup khova and ¼-2 teaspoons sugar and set aside.

9. Soak ⅛ teaspoon saffron in 2 tablespoon milk and set aide.

10. Heat a non stick pan and add the khova,saffron-milk and sugar.Mix well so that the sugar dissolves.

11. Keep stirring till the mixture leaves the edges and thickens.

12. Remove from flame and allow it to cool for 10 minutes(do not let it cool completely)

13. Make equal sized balls and press slightly to shape them into pedas

Kesar Pedaveggieats

1. Be very careful not to burn the milk at point of time,as that will totally change the color and taste of peda

2. You can flavor with nutmeg powder along with cardamom

3. If using store bought khova,make sure to crumble it very well first.

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