Live Fish and Reptiles Sold as Keychains

Without oxygen and food the animals get to live for only a few days, if they are lucky. The most depressing part is that the whole thing is legal in China. 

This cruelty is very disturbing

This is so sickening. People are so cruel. I wish I could just go steal all of them and set them free. 🙁

I am horrified that anyone could do this! They are heartless and cruel- no animal should have to die like that! Pure abuse and absolutely shocked that anyone would purchase those turtle key chains except to save them.

I’m sorry, but how would a normal thinking human being NOT know, that no animal can be kept in such a small bag? Even IF they would live up to two months in this, it should be clear, that every single animal of these has a much higher lifespan, if kept properly.

Just wrong. needs to stop before it spreads to our country India as our market is full of Chinese goods…

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