Look flawless every day with super-easy makeup tips

There’s a lot to learn about makeup and beauty out there—even we’ll admit that it can be overwhelming at times. But to look awesome every day, you needn’t be a veteran who executes a killer smoky eye.

Even if you’re a beginner who struggles with foundation application, our basic makeup tutorial will give you a one-on-one lesson on how to apply makeup to look great each day.

Step 1: A Touch of Base

First, you should use your fingers to dab the foundation in 4 spots on your face: Forehead, both the cheeks, and the chin. Then use the brush to blend it. On your forehead and chin, brush back and forth. On your cheeks, brush down and away from the centre of your face.

Step 2: Hiding Dark Circles

Add a drop of moisturizer to your brush before adding the concealer. Then dab the product about 4 times under your eyes. Smoothen with the brush, then use your middle finger to lightly dab it underneath your eyes. The heat of your finger blends the concealer even more for a really natural finish.

Step 3: Now Blush

Forget shading and sculpting cheekbones with a brush and powder, and try a cream blush instead for that glow-from-within effect.  Apply to the apples of your cheeks; the fast way to find yours: Smile! Then blend the colour up toward your temples with your fingers. Bright, bold hues like the berry shade can look natural, but if you’re colour-shy, build the intensity by gradually layering it on.
Everyday Makeup Tutorials

Step 4: Apply Shimmery Eye Base

For a pro-looking eye makeup in no time, apply a wash of sheer, shimmery cream shadow from lash lines to brow bones using your pointer finger. Bonus: Shimmer helps hide stray eyebrow hairs if you don’t have time to tweeze! If your skin is fair, try a silvery white shade. For medium to dark skin tone, opt for a champagne colour. To get an extra bright-eyed effect, dot the colour onto the inner corners of your eyes too. Celebs use this trick on the red carpet all the time.

Step 5: Add Some Definition

For more intensity, rim your upper lash lines with a brown liner pencil and smudge it upward with your shadow brush. Then set with the same powder eyeshadow used in the previous step. Finish off with two coats of mascara, on top and bottom—focusing on the outer lashes with the top of the wand.

If your brows aren’t as full, lightly fill in any gaps with a pencil and use a disposable mascara wand to brush the hairs upwards. To give eyes an even bigger boost, use an eyelash curler before to apply mascara. Start as close to the roots of your lashes as possible and gently pulse the curler forward bit by bit to the ends.

How to Do Everyday Makeup

Step 6: Get Lush-Looking Lips

If your lips are dry or chapped, gently buff with a damp washcloth and apply lip balm. Let it sink in well, and blot with a tissue if it feels slippery. Using a strawberry-coloured lipstick straight from the tube, apply it to the centre of your mouth (make a kissy face!), where colour tends to wear off first. Blend the lipstick out over your lips, patting the colour on with your fingertips to make it last. To amp up things for the night, add a layer of gloss for extra shine.

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