Lose 15 To 44 pounds In Just 13 Days With This Metabolic Diet –

The following metabolic routine, lasts thirteen days and it is troublesome but exceptionally viable. The change in the digestion is significant. It isn’t a conventional eating routine. With it you can lose seven to twenty kilos. If amid the consumption routine and you consume wine, gum, lager you will stop the regimen and the results will be affected.

To get better results you have to be energetic and not to go away from the eating regimen.

1st Day:

Breakfast: espresso with some sugar
Lunch: two eggs, 200gr of mixed greens and one tomato
Dinner: 200gr of steak (fat-free), mixed greens with lemon and olive oil

2nd Day:

Breakfast: dark espresso with one cube of sugar
Lunch: 200gr of ham and yogurt
Dinner: same as the first day

3rd Day:

Breakfast: same as the first day and one bit of toast;
Lunch: two boiled eggs, one slice of ham and a plate of mixed greens (same as 1stday)
Dinner: One boiled medium celery, one tomato and a little of natural product

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