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4th Day:

Breakfast: Same as the first day and one toast
Lunch: squeezed orange or apple and yogurt
Dinner: One boiled egg, one carrot and 200gr curds

5th Day:

Breakfast: a carrot and lemon juice
Lunch: 200gr of trout or salmon with lemon singed or boiled with one tbs. of liquefied spread
Dinner: 200gr of steak, mix of greens and crude celery

6th Day:

Breakfast: same as the first day and toast
Lunch: two eggs and one carrot
Dinner: 250gr of chicken, cooked or barbecued with mixed green with olive oil and lemon

7th Day:

Breakfast: tea (sugar-free)
Lunch: only water
Dinner:200gr of sheep hack (grilled) and one apple

8th Day:

Breakfast: dark espresso with 1 cube of sugar
Lunch: two boiled eggs, 200gr of cooked spinach and one tomato;
Dinner: 200gr of steak (fat-free) and mixed greens with lemon and olive oil;

9th Day:

 Breakfast: dark espresso with 1 cube of sugar
Lunch: large portion of ham and one yogurt
Dinner: same as the first day and any kind of natural product

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