Lose Belly Fat With These 10 Yoga Poses

Almost everyone battles belly fat at some point of life. Even if you exercise and eat balanced diet, having a flat stomach can take some time. Fortunately, some yoga moves can help in this. It is great form of exercise. It is a full body workout that tightens and tones the muscles and calms and relaxes the mind.

Here are ten yoga poses that will help you eliminate the abdominal fat:

*Kumbhakasana- Board*


It focuses in the belly, back, shoulders, buttocks and thighs. Position your body in a push-up position and extend the arms under the knees and the hands under the arms and shoulders. Inhale as you gaze ahead of the hands and keep the spine and back straight. Keep the fingers spread and the hands flat as you pull the abs. Stay in the position for fifteen to thirty seconds and release the knees. Do it for five times with fifteen second pause in between.

*Pavanamukthasan- wind easing posture*


It will soothe the lower back pain, strengthen the core, thighs and hips, increase the metabolism and promote health pH levels.
Lie on the back and stretch out the legs and keep the heels touching each other. Keep the arms at your side. As you bend the knees, breathe out and move them toward the chest. Hold the knees and pull them towards the body. Apply pressure to the abs and hold the position for sixty to ninety seconds and breathe deeply and deliberately. Then, breathe out and release the arms and knees. Do this for five times with fifteen second pause between.

*Naukasana- Pontoon posture*


It focuses on leg and back muscles and reduces the waist fat. Lie on the back and stretch out the legs and keep the arms by your side. Breathe in as you lift the legs and stretch the feet and toes. Keep the legs straight and form a 450 angle by reaching the arms to the legs. Hold for fifteen seconds and release and rest for fifteen seconds. Do this for five times and rest in between.

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