Lose Weight Fast And Easy With The Morning Banana Diet

Did you know that you can lose as much as 10 pounds a week just by having a banana every morning. There is so much buzz in japan about this diet that it has caused national banana shortages in the country. This Japanese diet is presented by Hitoshi Watanabe in his book “The morning banana diet”. This diet is so simple that it does not require any special effort. All you need to do is to eat only bananas for breakfast and drink some lukewarm water. Then, eat everything you want during the lunch, afternoon snack and dinner. One can also eat one or more bananas between meals but no other dessert is permitted. Many individuals consider this diet as a replacement of working out in order to lose weight.

Lose Weight Fast And Easy With The Morning Banana Diet

Enzymes in bananas helps in speeding up the digestion process by reducing the time needed by the intestines to digest food. This also improves metabolism process and makes it more suited to losing weight.Bananas are loaded with resistant starch which lengthens the feeling of fullness. Resistant starch also ferments in the digestive tract that increase fat burning by 20%-25%.

Rules of Banana Diet:
> There is no strict rule on the number of bananas you should eat. Eat enough bananas that keeps you full. The bananas should be raw, uncooked and unfrozen as they are rich in enzymes.

> In Japan, there is one famous rule called 80/20 that prevents you from overloading your stomach with food. According to this rule, eat 80% of the served food and leave the remaining 20%, because Japanese people believe that 8 parts of a full stomach go to the individual, and the rest 2 parts go for the doctor.

> A glass of water is also recommended for stimulation of the metabolism. The water has to be room temperature as it improves digestion and reduces hunger. One should have banana an hour after the intake of water. If you are still hungry 20 minutes later, eat one more banana.

> It is also advisable to have dinner before 8 p.m and stay away from dessert, milk and alcohol during the banana diet.

Benefits of Banana Diet:
> Bananas are cheap and super-healthy food that is rich in dietary fibre and potassium.
> The 6 gram fibre in a 2 banana breakfast can reduce caloric intake and boost energy.
> Eating bananas can bulks up fibre in the stomach that helps in lengthening feelings of fullness and pulls some calories through the digestive system before they can be absorbed.
> It also reduces the likelihood of overeating.

Source: healthylivingadvices

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