Lower Blood Pressure with These 2 Natural Drinks

Many people often take medicines, although they know that they can cause harm as much as benefit. Luckily, there are some drinks that are a healthier alternative and which will improve your body and the blood too.

Here are some great recipes with powerful ingredients with which you can prepare healthy and tasty juices:

Glasses with fresh organic vegetable juices on wooden table. Detox diet

Drink for Lowering the Blood Pressure
You will need:

– A handful of Spinach

– Garlic

– 4 Carrots

– 2 stalks of Celery

– Lemon

Mix all the ingredients in a juicer and consume the drink during the day. It will help in lowering your high blood pressure in a natural way.

Beetroot – Blood Purifier
You will need:

– 1 medium sized Beetroot,

– 2 Carrots,

– 1 Apple

– Celery

– A slice of Ginger

– Juice of half a Lemon

Mix all the ingredients in a juicer and your drink is ready.

Eliminate the toxins from your body with this healthy and delicious juice.

Source: myilifestyle

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