Make Your Own Distilled Water!

Distilled water is water that is devoid of impurities and minerals commonly found in ground water. The focus of the following is to show a way to make your own distilled water at home.



1-Begin to make your own distilled water by filling a 3-5 gallon stainless steel pot half full with tap water.

2-Place a round, glass bowl afloat in the water in the pot. Make sure it does not touch the bottom. You don’t want the water that will collect within the glass bowl to boil! (It will get hot). If there is enough water in the steel container, the bowl will simply float. (If it doesn’t, place a round baking rack on the bottom of the stainless pot.)

3-Invert the lid on the container and fill it with ice. This step to make your own distilled water is precisely to form the heat/cold barrier that creates a condensation effect. (Hot steam hits cold lid – condensation.)

4-Turn the stove on and heat tap water to a boil. As it continues to boil, it will cause steam to rise and condense on the convex side of the pot’s cover. It will then turn back to liquid and drip down into the bowl.

5-Remove from heat and carefully remove lid. You may need to ladle off any ice water first. Distilled water that has dripped from the pot cover will now be in the glass bowl. Use potholders or gloves to remove the bowl as it will be hot. Cool the distilled water before bottling.

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