Melt Your Abdominal Fat Naturally And Fast With This Recipe –

This is one of the most delicious and healthiest meals as it contains minerals and vitamins that affect the skin and hair appearance, strengthen the body and normalize the metabolism. It will cleanse the body and eliminate the impurities from the body.
It normalizes weight, burns fat and solves the problems of constipation and lazy bowel.
After one month of consumption, you can lose three to five pounds mainly in the stomach area.

The nails, hair and skin will become beautiful and healthy and the fat will slowly melt.

Needed ingredients:

-Five to seven dried plums;
-One tsp. of cocoa powder;
-One tsp. of ground flax seeds;
-Two tbs. of oat flakes;
-300 milliliters of sour cream or low fat yogurt; 

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